Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin

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      The Recycle Bin section is a culmination of things that have been deleted regardless of being a chart or any type of document. Users can expand on deleted items based on today’s date or the past 2 days onward. Lastly if something was accidentally deleted, users can restore the deleted item back into it’s original place.

      Recycle Bin Tab Location

      Click recycle bin tab from the left side panel to browse for archive of deleted files from past 2 days, 7 days, and onward

      Restore Deleted Document

      1. Click the arrow icon on the selected date to expand deleted documents
      2. Select from the tool bar to: restore, browse through history of days, restore deleted chart, unmerge chart
      3. Select the past 2 days icon to filter based on: past 2 days or beyond
      4. click the RESTORE icon

      Restore Deleted Chart/Unmerge Chart

      1. Review
      2. Click the restore deleted or unmerge chart link
      3. Follow instructions on the pop-up window

      Reference Guide

      Recycle Bin Toolbar

      • Refresh: refreshes the Recycle Bin with the most recent data
      • Restore: restores the selected document
      • List Versioning: lists past versions of the selected document
        • Past 2 Days: list 2 days of past versions
        • Past 7 Days: list 7 days of past versions
        • Last 7 Days from: list 7 days of past versions from selected date
      • Restore Deleted Chartsrestores deleted patient charts
      • Un-merge Chart: splits previously merged patient charts
      • Comment: comment on the selected document (e.g. reason for restoration)