Data Exports

Fees for a data exports are per practice. Contact to request a quote from the Data Services team if the scope of the export involves multiple practices.

Frequently Asked Qestions

What data can we export ourselves at no cost?

You can generate the following reports to manually export data out of Liquid EMR Billing or Clinical:
• Patient Demographics
• Charges
• Unpaid Insurance Claims
• Fee Schedule
• A/R Aging
• Claims
• Clinical CCDA as a .xml file (limited to 100 charts per day, additional charts will be at additional costs)

Can we export our clinical documents?

No, Liquid EMR does not have a bulk export option for clinical documents. The practice will have to export these manually from Liquid EMR.

How will we receive the exported data?

The Data Services team will setup a shared folder where you can access your exported data once the project is completed.

How long does Liquid EMR keep our data once we have exported?

Liquid EMR will keep the exported data on hand for 3 months once the project is completed.

Can I customize the way my data is exported?

No, Liquid EMR can only provide the exports in the formats listed above. They cannot be customized, filtered, or altered in any manner. All customizations will be at additional cost.

Is there an option to access data after Liquid EMR subscription has ended?

We have a special “retainer” monthly rate per provider to continue accessing Liquid EMR patient information under the following conditions:

  • No new schedules
  • No new patient charts
  • No billing activity
  • No new file storage
  • One login per provider
  • The rate depends on the size of your data and the amount of daily export