Liquid EMR Data Export

The data export contains the electronic health information available for a single patient or multiple patients in computable file formats. The export(s) can be downloaded as an xml file or a zip file contains multiple xml files



The .csv file contains all resources on records belonging to the patient for whom the EHI export is requested, including all demographics. The content may be tab separated instead of comma separated.


The .xml file contains a Patient Continuity of Care Document formatted in accordance with theĀ C-CDA version 2.1 specification. C-CDA sections that may be included in this file are listed below.


Field Type
PatientId int(11)
LastName varchar(30)
FirstName varchar(28)
M varchar(20)
Address varchar(40)
City varchar(30)
State varchar(2)
Zip varchar(5)
HomePhone varchar(24)
WorkPhone varchar(24)
CellPhone varchar(24)
Email varchar(50)
DOB datetime
Sex varchar(1)
SSN varchar(11)
Acct varchar(20)
ShortAcct varchar(20)
Note varchar(255)
ModifiedBy varchar(30)
ModifiedDate datetime
Barcode int(11)
PatientOf varchar(20)
RelativeID int(11)
Marital varchar(10)
Employment varchar(10)
GenderIdentity varchar(50)
Race varchar(50)
Ethnicity varchar(40)
Spoken varchar(40)
LastBillNum int(11)
CreateDate datetime
AlertNote tinyint(1)
Authorization varchar(10)
Occupation varchar(50)
PreferContact varchar(20)
EmergencyName varchar(50)
EmergencyPhone varchar(24)
EmergencyRel varchar(50)
Smoking varchar(40)
Export tinyint(1)
Address2 varchar(40)
EmergencyAddress varchar(50)
EmergencyCity varchar(50)
EmergencyState varchar(2)
EmergencyZip varchar(20)
GuarAddress varchar(50)
GuarCity varchar(50)
GuarDOB datetime
GuarFname varchar(40)
GuarLname varchar(40)
GuarPhone varchar(20)
GuarRel varchar(50)
GuarSex varchar(1)
GuarSSN varchar(20)
GuarState varchar(2)
GuarZip varchar(10)


C-CDA Section

Assessment and Plan
Care Team
Health Concerns
Social History (Smoking Status)
Vital Signs



Field Type
EncounterID int(11)
PatientID int(11)
Date datetime
EncounterType varchar(50)
Provider varchar(40)
Facility varchar(50)
Billed tinyint(1)
BillingNote varchar(50)


Field Type
VitalID int(11)
PatientID int(11)
Date datetime
Weight varchar(20)
Height varchar(20)
Temp varchar(20)
Pulse varchar(20)
BP varchar(20)
Resp varchar(20)
HC varchar(20)
Vision varchar(100)
Audio varchar(100)
SPO2 varchar(20)
BMI varchar(20)


Field Type
AllergyID int(11)
PatientID int(11)
Name varchar(50)
Reaction varchar(255)
Date datetime
Active tinyint(1)
DateModified datetime
EnteredBy varchar(50)
Severity varchar(20)


Field Type
RxID int(11)
PatientID int(11)
RxDate datetime
Name varchar(300)
Sig varchar(500)
Quantity varchar(30)
Refill tinyint(4)
OtherMD tinyint(1)
Current tinyint(1)
EndDate datetime
Substitution varchar(50)


Field Type
ID int(11)
PatientID int(11)
Date datetime
Diagnosis varchar(100)
Active tinyint(1)
Resolved tinyint(1)
DateModified datetime


Field Type
ID int(11)
PatientID int(11)
Type varchar(50)
Date datetime
Result varchar(50)
Manufacture varchar(50)
Lot varchar(20)
Expire datetime
Site varchar(20)
Value varchar(128)
EnteredBy varchar(50)
Note text
Route varchar(50)