Advanced Surgery Centers Showcase

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Advanced Surgery Center is a multi-facility general surgery center with over 50 active MDs and 12 operating rooms between a total of 4 facilities. 


Calendar Synchronization:
The clinic needed to coordinate its per-diem. nursing staff’s schedules without unnecessarily exposing clinical data. With our systems integration with Google calendar, it is much easier publish and share the schedule with staff and provide updates as needed.

Secure Remote Access: Previously, the clinic was greatly exposed to the risk of malware as it struggled to gain seamless access to its EMR solution between its multiple sites. With our cloud-based solution staff are able to easily access the EMR from each site, or from home, without any risk of malware or ransomware attacks. 

Punch Clock: The clinic also utilizes our integrated punch clock in order to allow its per-diem. staff to accurately clock their hours regardless of what site they are currently working at. 

Preference Cards: With our built-in preference card manager the clinic monitors and tracks inventory of drugs, supplies and equipment between each of its multiple sites.