Chart Notes

How do I use templates for chart notes?

  1. Liquid EMR allows you to create new templates or upload old templates with some exceptions. The templates can be used by quickly filling in a patients information.
  2. Simply click on the Templates tab from the left side panel > click the arrow to expand the templates within each folder > edit corresponding template > save
    1. Users can quickly fill a patient’s template
    2. Select patient > navigate to the right side and click a desired template under the Main tab
    3. It will automatically open the patient notes and fill in the patient’s information into the template itself
  3. For reference click here

Can nursing staff enter vitals, without starting an encounter?

  1. Yes, staff members can enter health vitals by clicking the Vitals + from the patient’s summary screen (insert picture)
    1. Or users can click on the Timeline tab > click on the Vitals tab > click the + to start a new row > enter information > click update icon 

Is it possible to do markings on medical images?

  1. Yes, you are able to stamp, add a signature, quicknote, highlight, white note, white out within a patient’s notes
  2. Click the heading of the software where your clinic name is posted for quick access and personalization
    1. Drop down menu will populate: Auto Correct, Quick Message, Stamps, Personal Templates, Quick Fill

    1. Stamps: users can quickly add stamps to document
      1. Click Stamps to pull up window
    2. Fill in desired text in empty box underneath Stamp Name and Stamp Text headings
    3. Press the + or icon to add or delete a new row > click ok or cancel
    4. Click on desired file > click stamp name > insert anywhere on file
    • Font size
      1. Select stamp to be inserted > double click to pull up new window
      2. Change font size or text if needed > ok or cancel
      3. Or drag the corner of each stamp to selected preference
    • BITMAP stamping
      1. Follow steps to open stamping
      2. Click the 3 dot icon on the right of each row
      3. Select Choose File icon to browse files in computer à Upload
      4. The signature should populate > ok > save
      5. For resizing repeat steps 1-3 > Use – or + icons to resize > ok > save
    • For Highlight, White Note, etc. click the stamp icon drop down > insert onto document > drag corners if needed

I have wrongly created an encounter, how do I delete it?

  1. Simply go back into the timeline or encounter tab, select the row then delete by clicking the trash can delete icon

Can a nurse finish a chart note?

  1. Yes, as long as the nurse or other staff are authorized to do so.
  2. Click on the file > click the stamp icon > click desired location in the document > change size of stamp signature by dragging corners

Can a nurse view/edit an unsigned chart note?

  1. Yes, as long as they are authorized to do so

Can one practice member access/modify/finish another member’s unfinished chart note?

  1. Yes, as long as they are authorized to do so

Can I start an encounter without an appointment scheduled?

  1. Yes, simply click the encounter tab and add a new row

Can I add more questions to an existing template?

  1. To edit an existing template, click anywhere in the template and type. Or you can send any updates with instructions on how to edit the template

Is there a way to retrieve previous versions of a chart note?

  1. From a patients summary screen, locate and click the 3 vertical lined icon on the top right > click audit chart
  2. From here find the corresponding chart based on the details provided > click preview