Appointment Scheduling

Frequently Asked Questions

Appointment Scheduling

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    I want to send reminders to patients 2 days prior. How do I do that?

    We have 3 different ways for patients to receive reminders. Content for all reminders are completely customizable

      1. SMS: sent out 2 days prior to appointment
      2. Email: sent out 4 days prior to appointment
      3. Call: 1 day prior, but not recommended as method of choice since people typically do not answer from unknown numbers

    Can I schedule periodic appointments for my patients?

    1. Yes, when creating an appointment for a patient click the Recurrence check box 
    2. Fill out the specific criteria i.e. repeat selection, every, repeat on, etc. > click Save and Close
    3. For reference click here

    Can I access patient’s past appointments along with their status?

    1. Yes, this can be done from a patient’s summary chart
    2. Click on Encounters or open the Timeline tab > Encounters to see all the previous appointments

    A patient calls to reschedule appointment, how do I do that?

    1. From the schedule, double click on the patient’s original appointment
    2. Click on the Date from the Add Schedule window and choose the corresponding day or time that the patient is requesting

    Is there a way to print scheduled appointments?

    1. From the schedule screen, click the Print icon
    2. Users can select the schedule based on day, week, work week, month

    How do I allow only a schedule visit type on a specific day?

    1. From the schedule screen open the Free Schedule Search box from the left side 
    2. Fill out the necessary information and filter availability based on day preference