Clinical Tools

Cloud-based EMR

Completely online and cloud-based electronic medical records solutions that allows you to securely create, edit and manage patient records.

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Simple Charting

Quickly and easily upload, create, edit and organize chart notes. View every type of chart note and document simultaneously from a single screen.

Streamlined Workflow

Use task navigation to easily assign tasks and seamlessly follow-up with integrated secure messaging between staff, providers and patients.

Custom Templates

Create completely custom templates that suit your needs, including everything from time-off requests to encounter notes to superbills.

Lab Integration

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Ready-to-use interface with LabCorp, Quest, and BioReference. Add other labs with our standard HL7 interface. See Pricing


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Transmit electronic prescriptions via Surescripts secure network with our easy-to-use interface. See Pricing

Practice Management

Appointment Scheduling

Create and manage appointments across multiple facilities and providers, color-code appointments and assign individual users custom views.

Secure Message

Easily communicate with staff members and providers with our secure, encrypted, HIPPA compliant, totally integrated messaging system

Role-based Access

Create roles and use them to manage the access of individual users. Users actions are automatically stored and viewed via the audit trail.

Listing & Reporting

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Use standard reports or create custom reports and generate Meaningful Use and PQRI reports to be eligible for ARRA incentives. See Pricing 

Careteam Portal

Easily communicate with referring MDs and share relevant data form our secure, central portal.

Task Management

Create, organize and assign tasks with our unified task management system. 

Check-In Kiosk

Simplify the check-in process with mobile tablets as automated check-in kiosks. 

Registration Tablet

Save time by allowing patient to fill out forms and digitally sign documents on tablets.

FIDO2 Authentication

Protect against hacking, phishing and malware attacks with support for, FIDO2, the latest generation of the U2F authentication protocol.

Patient Engagement

Patient Portal

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Allow patients to schedule appointments online, securely communicate with care providers, and access health records and relevant medical literature. See Pricing

Patient Reminder System

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Quickly and easily send automated reminders to patients  about upcoming appointments via eMail, text, or voice with our patient reminder system. See Pricing

Lab and eRx Updates

Provide lab results and Rx updates via the patient portal and alert patients with the reminder system.

Secure Message

Allow patients to directly communicate with MDs via our secure, HIPPA compliant messaging system.

Online Payments

Get paid faster by allowing patients to make payments online via the patient portal.


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Connect with patients online via our HIPPA compliant TeleHealth solution. See Pricing

Billing Tools


Custom Billing Codes

Electronic Claims

Save time and money by submitting electronic claims directly to insurers. Support for HCFA1500, UB04, EDI1837 and individual claim output to match payer requirements.

Patient Account Statements

Easily send account statements to patients listing charges, insurance claims and payments. Simultaneously print statements and route them to the patient’s records.

Electronic Remittance Advice

Get reimbursed faster and automate posting with our electronic remittance advice.

Refund Processing

Quickly collect advanced deposits and print bulk refund checks for deposit balances.


Video Conference

Seamlessly connect with patients from anywhere, at anytime.

Patient Reminder System

Instantly notify patients of upcoming remote appointments.

LiquidEMR guarantees that all transmitted data is encrypted, only authorized parties are able to access the stored chat messages and physician notes, and no audio or video is recorded. See HIPPA Guidelines