Scanning with NAPS 2 Software


NAPS2 Software

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    NAPS2 is a scanning software that each clinic utilizes. It allows users to scan documents to PDF and other file types as simply as possible.  

    Downloading Instructions

    1. Click the link for setup options 
    2. Download and naps2-setup.exe
    3. Run naps2-setup.exe
    4. Continue through installation and terms until finished with the installation
    5. Right-click and select “Extract All…
    6. Set the “Files will be extracted to this folder: ” option to C:Program Files (x86)NAPS2 and  Click Extract
    7. It will prompt you several times, agree to copying the files and agree to replacing any existing files
      **This is the most important step. You must agree to replace existing files otherwise it will not work properly. 

    Configuring NAPS2

    1. Double-click the NAPS2 icon located on the desktop
    2. Click Profiles to open up the scanner devices > click New
      1. It is important to download the FULL driver software of the scanner itself before installing NAPS2
    3. On the new window select TWAIN Driver
    4. Click Choose device and select the desired scanner (must have been installed on the computer prior to this step)
    5. Change the display name to something descriptive
    6. Depending on the paper source of the scanner itself, choose either Glass or Feeder options
    7. Select Use Native UI > click OK when finished
    8. You should be able to open Cloud EMR and scan using the configured device. If the NAPS2 green button does not show up refresh the EMR or the browser