Patient Reminder

Patient Reminder

Reference Guide

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    1. Click on the Schedule tab from the left side panel  to see an overview of all physicians’ schedule
    2. Double-click a free time slot
      1. Or right-click a free time slot > click the New Appointment option
      2. Or click a free time slot to select it click the New Appointment button 
    3. Click Patient Lookup (see reference)
    4. Enter the patient’s name, date-of-birth or account number click Search Patient > double-click the correct patient
      1. Or click New Patient to create a new patient
    5. Select the correct Schedule, Subject, and Reason, etc. (see configuration)
    6. Click Save and Close

    How to Send Reminder to Patient

    1. Select existing appointment or create a new one
      1. It is important to note that patient’s must have phone number and email in patient profile in order to receive messages
      2. Right click appointment > hover over reminder > select from the following: SMS, Voice, Email, Telehealth, Quick note via SMS


    1. Not effective at all like SMS or email since people don’t normally answer calls from unknown numbers
    2. Send reminder: 1 day before


    1. Send SMS Reminder: 2 days before
    2. Message Content: send us your actual message. Include any other language if you need to. The language prompt is based on the spoken preferred within the patient profile.
    3. We can customize and send out pre-screening questionnaire for patient to fill out and sign. The signed questionnaire will be stored in the patient chart. This setup will incur additional cost.


    1. Send Email Reminder: 4 days before