Patient Portal

Patient Portal


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      Click the Home tab for a summary screen for demographics and appointments

      How to Access

      1. The clinic can send out the invite to the patient’s email
      2. The invite only activates on patients that never registered for the portal AND has email on file.

      3. Upon receiving click the link to read message
      4. First time users need to click the register link > follow prompt and fill out necessary information
      5. Existing users login with credentials
      6. Once logged in, patients can access files, messages, etc. sent from their physician


      1. Login to clinic > click Patient Portal
      2. Enter login credentials > log in
      3. Once signed in, you can access the different tabs from the left side panel and more


      View Upcoming/Past Appointments

      1. From the summary screen locate the appointments section below
      2. Click Upcoming for upcoming appointments
        1. Or click Past for past appointments

      Request New Appointment

      1. Click the Request Appointment link on the right side of summary screen
      2. Select the correct appointment type, provider, location, reason for visit and time preference from the respective drop-down menus

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        1. Similarly to inbox, users can browse through sections: inbox, sent, trash, replied
        2. Click message for a preview below
        3. Select icons from toolbar to compose new message, delete, print, reply
        4. Filter messages by pressing top headings (From, To, Subject, etc.)
          1. To revert back press same heading twice

        Send a Document to Patient

        1. Open a patient’s notes
        2. Expand folder > click on the desired file to send patient
        3. Click the 3 vertical dots > scroll down to Share With > click patient
          1. Note that patient must have email on file and be registered in the patient portal
          2. The patient should then receive an email with the corresponding document attached
          3. Once received, the patient can preview the message and respond as desired.

        Compose a Message

        1. There are 2 places to compose a message to send to their physician
          1. Click New Message from the toolbar
            1. Click New Message from the top of the home screen
          2. Click To > select desired location
          3. Change subject if necessary
          4. To upload a file click the paperclip icon on bottom left window > choose file from computer > click upload > click send icon

        Sort Messages

        1. Click Inbox > click a column heading (e.g. From, To, Subject, etc.) to sort by it
          1. Or click the same column again to reverse the sorting

        Open a Message

        1. Click Inbox to view received messages
          1. Or click Sent to view sent messages
        2. Select a message to preview it

        Reply to a Message

        1. Click once to choose the correct message
          1. Click the reply icon
          2. Fill out necessary information in the new window > click send when ready

        Delete a Message

        1. Click the correct message to preview
          1. Double check preview to make sure it can be deleted
          2. When ready, click the delete icon from the toolbar and the message will populate in the trash folder

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          View Balance

          1. Click Balance tab from the left side panel
          2. See Running Balance

          Make a Payment

          1. Make a payment by pressing Make a Payment link
          2. Fill out card info > or add new card > click back or submit
          Health Records

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            Ask a Question

            1. Click the Questions link
            2. Select an MD
              1. Or the questions category
            3. Write a question click Send

            Reset Password

            1. Click the Reset Password link
            2. Enter a new password enter it again to confirm it click Change My Password

            View Records

            1. Click the My Health tab from the left side panel
            2. See Allergies, Encounter, Diagnosis, Lab Results, Rx, and Vitals

            Filter Records by Date

            1. Click Filter link
            2. Enter the start and end dates
              1. Or select the dates using the calendar

            Download Records

            1. Click My Health tab from the left side panel
            2. Click Download link

            Submit Records

            1. Click My Documents from the left side panel
            2. Click Submit Medical Records to Clinic

            Download Multiple Documents

            1. Click Download Multiple Files
            2. Select the files to download click Ok

            Email Documents

            1. Find the correct document follow the row over and click Email
            2. Enter the recipients Email Address > if necessary, update the File Name click Send

            Submit Online Forms

            1. Click the Registration Forms link on summary screen
              1. Or click the Online Forms tab from left side panel
            2. Select from the drop down menu: Patient Medical History, Registration Forms, Insurance Information Form > fill out desired information on select form
            Reference Guide

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              Message Health Bar

              • Refresh: refreshes Inbox
              • New Message: opens new message
              • Delete: deletes selected message
              • Print: prints current message
              • Reply: replies to selected message
              My Health Toolbar

              • Filter: filters health records by date
              • Download: downloads health records as PDF
              • Questions: opens message box to ask a question
              • Generate Electronic Patient Record: Selects which records for which dates to generate a clinical or referral summary

              Add Schedule Window

              • History and Reminder: shows the history of the appointment
              • Message – Patient: emails the patient information or a reminder prior to the appointment
              • Message – SMS Patient: texts the patient information or a reminder prior to the appointment
              • Message – TeleHealth: emails the patient a link to join the TeleHealth appointment