Patient Kiosk App

Patient Check In Kiosk App

Patient Check In

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    How to Login

    This app helps the patient to self check-in on a tablet. The patient can self check-in with their name, DOB and possibly phone or zip to validate. Once the patient has checked in, change schedule status to Checked-in with the time on the schedule

    1. Login with Username and Password
      1. If you forget your Password, select Forgot Password at the bottom to reset it.
    1. Patient can self Check in
      1. Enter First Name, Last Name, DOB
      2. Enter phone number
      3. Enter Zip
    1. Patient can import a Patient photo
      1. Select open camera to capture a picture
      2. Capturing a picture allows providers to recognize you
      3. You can opt-out of this by not taking the photo
    1. Select the green Check In button to confirm