Messaging and Tasks (Advanced Configuration)

Messaging and Tasks

Advanced Configuration

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    View Users Messages

    1. Click Messages
    2. Click the drop-down beside the current user’s name click the correct user to view that user’s messages

    Configure Routing Rules

    1. Click Settings > click System Configurations > expand Message > click Configuration
    • Action: enter the action witch which to route a message
    • Value: enter where to route a message for a specific action

    Configure Color Rules

    1. Click Settings > click System Configurations > expand Message > click ColorCode
    • Matching Phrase: enter the keyword or phrase to associate with the color
    • Match To: select which field of a message to match to the matching phrase
    • Color: select the color to associate with the keyword or phrase

    Configure Subject Options

    1. Click Settings > click System Configurations > expand Message > click Subject
    • Subject: enter the name of the option