Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin

Recycle Bin

    Add a header to begin generating the table of contents

    Restore Deleted Document

    1. Click Contacts
    2. Click the + to open the “Edit Contact” window > fill out the Info, Credential and Billing tabs
    3. Click Save and Close

    Restore Deleted Chart

    1. Click Contacts
    2. Double-click the correct contact to open it

    Unmerge Chart

    1. Click Contacts
    2. Click a column heading (e.g. Company, Code, Last Name, First Name, etc.) to sort by it
      1. Or click the same column heading again to reverse it
    3. Click the Clear button to reset it

    Reference Guide

    Recycle Bin Toolbar

    • Refresh: refreshes the Recycle Bin with the most recent data
    • Send to Charts: opens the “Patient Lookup” window to select to which chart to route, link or copy the selected document
    • Send to Inbox: moves the selected document to the “Inbox”
    • Send to My Documents: moves the selected document to the “My Documents”
    • Send to Shared Documents: moves the selected document to “Shared” 
    • Restore: restores the selected document
    • List Versioning: lists past versions of the selected document
      • Past 2 Days: list 2 days of past versions
      • Past 7 Days: list 7 days of past versions
      • Last 7 Days from: list 7 days of past versions from selected date
    • Restore Deleted Charts: restores deleted patient charts
    • Un-merge Chart: splits previously merged patient charts
    • Comment: comment on the selected document (e.g. reason for restoration)