Billing (Advanced Configuration)


Advanced Configuration

    Add a header to begin generating the table of contents

    Configure Billing Information

    1. Click Settings System Configurations expand Billing > click Configuration
    2. Enter the necessary billing information (e.g. PracticeName, PracticeAddress, CheckRT, ChechAcct, etc.)
    3. Click the Save button

    Configure Superbill Templates

    1. Click Settings System Configurations expand PatientChart > click Superbill
    2. Click the add button to add items to the Superbill template
    3. Click the Save button

    • Name: Use the following naming schemes:
      • For procedure (CPT) codes use ‘template-name.cpt.section-name’
      • For diagnosis (ICD) codes ‘template-name.dx.section-name’
    • Code: Search for the correct procedure or diagnosis codes
      • Or enter them manually