2-Pass Authentication


2-Pass Authentication

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    Using 2 Pass Authentication

    1. Two-Factor Authentication is an additional identity verification step that can secure your account from potential intruders. In addition to entering their login credentials, users must verify their identity by providing a biometric Face ID or Touch ID, confirm login via a notification on their personal mobile device, or submit a verification code received on their mobile device.

    2. Your workstation at the clinic is pre-authorized to access the Liquid EMR data and does not need this 2 Pass Authentication. Only remote user needs to use this additional security step.

    3. You can choose between SMS or Liquid EMR mobile app as your authentication mode to login to Liquid EMR

    4. Whenever you try to Sign-in to your account, you enter your login and password. Once Two-Factor Authentication is configured, sign-in will require an additional verification step Liquid EMR Mobile App or a SMS message. Once verified, you will be granted access to your Liquid EMR Account.

    Validate with SMS Text Message

    1. After click on the login button, the system will show a security check. The text phone number belongs to the system administrator who will receive the login request and will to send you a code to use to login.

    Validate with Liquid EMR mobile app

    Launch the mobile app. Click here for reference to download.

    1. The system administrator must authorize your login to access the mobile app
    2. On initial access via the app, you need to provide your login and password
    3. On subsequence access, you can use finger print authentication on your phone as the password
    4. Click on  to see the token
    5. Use that token as the password to access Liquid EMR. That token will expire in 1 minute.