Facility Member Management

Does Liquid EMR support managing facilities at multiple locations?

  1. Yes, you can add multiple facilities by going to Settings > Schedule > Facility > then add/edit/delete any facilities by using the +, trash can, or update icons.

How do I delete a member or lockout a member from accessing practicing fields?

Settings > User Management > Select User >

First select Settings (in the top toolbar), then User Management.

This will bring up your user management menu.

From the user management menu, select the user you would like to remove by clicking once anywhere on that user’s row.

Once you have selected the user you would like to remove, click the trashcan in the toolbar at the top of the

clicking the user ONCE > click the trash can button to delete (insert pics)

How do I add another member to my practice?

  1. Similar to deleting, click Settings > User Management > click the + > select the magnifying glass > new user > fill out full name > Save and Close > create login name under “Active Login” column > set authorization to User, MD, user, etc. > click the update icon > create unique password for the user

How can I change the email address of facility member?

  1. Click on Contacts tab from the left side panel > search for the correct contact > double click > enter correct information in the email field

How do I Print a Claim?

  1. Open a claim to be printed, click Print Claim on top.
  2. Select Paper and whether the payor is primary or secondary.
  1. Feed your claim form to the printer.
  2. Select print.

Please note, for paper claims, we need a payor address on file.